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How should I prepare for a sleep study?
For a few weeks prior to the scheduled test, try to follow your normal sleep routines. You should arrive for testing neither deprived of sleep nor over-rested.

Do not drink or eat any products containing caffeine (coffee, tea, carbonated beverages, chocolate) for one day before the test.

Take a shower or bath before the test, but do not apply sprays, oils, or gels to your hair.

What should I wear?
Comfortable clothes such as exercise clothes, sweats, t-shirts and shorts, work best.

Should I bring my regular medication?
Yes, unless instructed otherwise by your doctor.

How long does a Sleep Study take? When is it finished? Will I have to miss work?
Sleep studies are performed at night. You will be asked to arrive around 8:00 PM, and the studies are completed between 6:00 and 6:30 AM. For your comfort, a light snack is served in the evening, and a continental breakfast is served in the morning.

MSLT studies are performed during the day, and usually take about 6 hours to perform. The office manager will schedule your appointment at a time most convenient to you.

What happens during a sleep study? Will it hurt? Will I be able to go to the bathroom?
Sleep studies are not painful. Several electrodes with wires will be attached to your head, and most people quickly become accustomed to them and have no trouble sleeping. Once a patient is "hooked up," they are still mobile, and go to the bathroom without difficulty. They can also move about, sit in a recliner, and watch TV.

Will I see the Doctor in the morning?
No. The data that is collected during the study must be evaluated, and the reports are sent to your physician within 48 hours.

What about the cost?
Most insurance companies cover services for sleep disorders under medical benefits. Regional Health Diagnostics will verify coverage with your insurance carrier and discuss all financial matters prior to your test.

Where are you located?
Regional Health Diagnostics has multiple Sleep Lab facilities located in North Carolina: New Bern, Fayetteville, Lumberton, Jacksonville, Wilmington, Kenansville, Kinston, Kernersville  and Johnson City, TN. We also have an international facility in Guatemala City, Guatemala. 

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All of our locations are comfortable, home-like environments where patients can feel at ease.  We have state of the art sleep and EEG diagnostic equipment and provide professional and caring comfort for those who suffer from neurological & sleep disorders.

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